Street musician, philosopher, noted author of passive-aggressive Post-it notes.

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"​Serenade to a Cuckoo"
Written/originally performed by Rahsaan Roland Kirk
This arrangement performed by the multiple personalities of Benny Bigelow 

"​Soulful Strut"
Written by Eugene Record and Sonny Sanders.
Performed by Benny Bigelow

"A Swingin' Safari "
Composed by Bert Kaempfert 
Performed by Benny Bigelow

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From the streets to stages of all sizes,
Benny plays a diverse selection of music to equally diverse audiences
around the world.

Flute  -  Piccolo  -  Trumpet  -  Sax  -  Tuba  -  Vocals

Available as a solo or for any variety of band gigs.

Performing odd jobs in music and art with an emphasis on the "odd"

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