Street musician, philosopher, noted author of passive-aggressive Post-it notes.


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Serenade to a Cuckoo

originally performed by Rahsaan Roland Kirk.
This rendition performed by a rainbow band of BennyB's :
Piccolo - Mr. Purple
Euphonium - Mr. Blue
Soprano Saxophone - Mr. Green
Drums - Mr. Yellow
Fender Rhodes Piano - Mr. Orange
Trumpet - Mr. Red

Latest Releases:


Cute N Pretty

Written by Hank Mobley Performed by Benny Bigelow

Soulful Strut

Written by Eugene Record and Sonny Sanders. Performed by Benny Bigelow One of my "go to" jams when playing live. A hit for Young-Holt Unlimited in 1969 and again by Grover Washington Jr. in 1996

A Swingin' Safari

Composed by Bert Kaempfert, Performed by Benny Bigelow


Written by August Musarurwa This version in the style of Perez "Prez" Prado and His Orchestra. Performed by Benny Bigelow and Chris Taranto.

Mind Your Own Bee's Wax

I've learned a little secret on how to get by in these turbulent times. New original song by Bennybjazz, with special guest Chris Taranto on the steel drum.

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Making fun of all the common YouTube tropes and b.s. monitized channels

Good Show

A short video taking a poke at all the American drag show controversy - In a throwback to Monty Python

Another Song

Another video about another song. About not being able to write a song, but that is the song. I don't know.

There's No Such Thing as a Bad Gig

Featuring Tammy Speicht as "The Agent"

A Laugh for Rory

Another tribute work in my studies of jazz icon Rahsaan Roland Kirk. This is the first of his pieces that I played, and sums up everything that I love about the flute as a jazz instrument

Funk Underneath

Originally performed by Rahsaan Roland Kirk. This rendition performed by BennyBJazz 

The Letter "C"

Randomly recorded somewhere around April 2020 amidst the shutdowns

Cover of "In a Sentimental Mood" by Duke Ellington.

Cover of In Other Words by Bart Howard. From Mitch's kitchen Jazz Brunch September 6th 2020.

Cover of St. James Infirmary Blues written by Joe Primrose, and most popularly performed by Louis Armstrong.
From Mitch's kitchen Jazz Brunch September 6th 2020

Cover of Stormy Weather by by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler.
From Mitch's kitchen Jazz Brunch September 6th 2020

From the streets to stages of all sizes, Benny plays a diverse selection of music to equally diverse audiences around the world.

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